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Custom Lighting Design

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In December of 2016, we met the committee at Montreal Armenian Community centre to help bring in some ideas in terms of decor for their annual Christmas Gala. The idea suggested by the committee was to have a winter wonderland. The difficulty was to recreate this outdoor scenery indoors.

We met up with numerous vendors and finally found one of our contacts that was able to customize special designs that we could use in our lights. We had custom "Gobos" made with snow flakes and trees. These designs were placed in high end Moving head lights and the images were projected on to the entire ceiling, covering the entire hall in a blanket of colourful snow flakes. The outcome was truly impressive!

What made this event stand out was the fact that an event like this had never been showcased to the hundreds of guests that attended the event. The Lighting design alone took about 3 h to completely set-up. This event will always be remembered!

Zaz it Up can enhance your wedding look with custom lighting for any event. Give us a call and see what we can do for you.

10 Reasons Why you Should Hire an Event Planner

Dreaming about your wedding day? A wedding planner can make your dreams into reality. A wedding planner is a professional who will help you with the tasks involved in planning your wedding. From proper wedding etiquette, to location, vendors, time line, accessories, and all other details, a wedding planner has the education and contacts necessary to make your day as perfect as possible. Here are ten reasons why you should hire an event planner

Why combine entertainment & event planning

Entertainment and Event Planning go hand in hand. An experienced DJ that also offers coordination services would guarantee a stress free environment for you and your guests. This team would work along side your vendors to ensure they are kept happy and are able to do their job. Entertainment and Event Planning is what we offer at Zaz it UP with all our entertainment packages and have a 100% success turnout.